Haru Yoshida
[[File:Haru Yoshida|210px|]]
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 188cm
Weight 81kg

Haru Yoshida (吉田 春 Yoshida Haru?)is the main male protagonist in the story. He is seated next to Mizutani Shizuku in their first year, although he did not show up to school until his meeting with Shizuku. Though he is a bit of a troublemaker, Haru can be very passionate and is willing to help others (even thought his help usually makes things worse; being violent, getting in trouble, people being afraid of him, etc.)

Haru has the habit of unintentionally appearing out of nowhere, and jumping out of windows. Haru also is very strong, once sending a guy flying using one arm with seemingly no apparent effort. Haru has a bit of a bad temper, but seems to get better with it when he officially becomes friends with Mizutani Shizuku.  


Haru is first mentioned by Shizuku at the start of the first episode. At the beginning of the year, Haru was trying to help a boy who was getting picked on by upperclassmen. An act of violence occurred, blood was spilled, and the three upperclassmen were put in the hospital. It is heavily implied Haru beat them up until death or the brink of death, Since then, Haru stopped coming to school. Haru is introduced when Shizuku is sent by her teacher to deliver homework to Haru at the Misawa GAME Battling Center. Haru is shown throwing a guy and is yelling at Mitsuyoshi Misawa, blaming him for Marco's death. When he sees Shizuku, Haru jumps off the window. Later, when Shizuku is walking home, Haru pulls her down, pins her to the ground, and asks her if she is a spy for the school. When she states that she was only bringing him homework, he asks himself if this is what is like when someone is sick and a friend brings him homework. He then states that he and Shizuku are friends, only having her to walk away. 

Shizuku later meets his friends, leading to the eventual act of her confronting him about his friends being fake and evidently using him, which ends with him dumping his drink on her, unable to come to terms yet with that fact.

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